3 Incredible Animal Encounters To Be Had in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a mecca for animal and nature lovers for many reasons. Over 7,500 animal species can be found throughout the country. The [...]

5 Unique Souvenirs to Bring Home from Dominican Republic

After you visit Dominican Republic, we promise you’ll never want to leave. It’s hard to say goodbye to the hospitable people, serene beaches, [...]

5 must try Dominican Cocktails

Picture it now: Your toes slip into the soft white sand overlooking turquoise waters on the coast of Dominican Republic. The sun is setting on [...]

Galia Brener – Dominicana Moda 2018

German blogger Galia Brener looks back in her vlog on the 2018 Dominicana Moda event in Santo Domingo. Highlighted designers: Óscar de la Renta [...]

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