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Being inside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of Dominican Republic! From the cascading waterfalls of Jarabacoa to the charming streets of Santo Domingo or the pristine beaches of Pedernales, use these new backgrounds to add a piece of Dominican Republic to your next video conference.

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Here is how you change your background on Zoom:

  1. Find your favorite Dominican Republic virtual video or photo backgrounds below and save them to your computer or device. This will work on your computer and mobile Zoom app.
  2. Once you are logged into Zoom, open your account settings or click the up arrow next to “Start Video” in the lower left corner.
  3. Select “Choose a Virtual Background” then press the plus sign to upload the photo or video of your choice.
  4. Click on the images or image caption below to download your favorite Dominican Republic backgrounds.
  5. Upload and zoom your way through Dominican Republic!

Bahía de Las Águilas, Pedernales

Are you looking for one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic? Depending who you ask, specifically locals, you’ve likely found it! Bahía de las Águilas is a remote beach in the southwestern part of the country. Its spectacular rocky karst landscape and white stretch runs a whopping five miles, boosting crystal clear turquoise waters. Use this photo as your background and daydream your way to paradise. Download here.

Whale watching in Samaná Bay

January through March in Samaná Bay, wildlife and thrill-seeking enthusiasts flock to the coast to observe whales playing, vying for each other’s attention, nursing and jumping—you can even hear the yearning song of the male humpback whales, who become especially vocal during mating season. Find a moment of serenity with this beautiful backdrop. Download here.

San Rafael Lookout, Barahona

The San Rafael lookout is located high over beachside cliffs with the perfect view of San Rafael Beach and its crystal-clear waters. Appreciate a slice of life in the southwest of the Dominican Republic with this background! Download here.

Rincón Beach, Samaná

Ranked by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Rincón’s whopping five kilometers (3 miles) of pristine, undeveloped white sand beach lining a bay of calm turquoise waters, peppered with coconut trees, captures every visitor’s eye. Set this photo as your background and take in the beauty of the Samaná Peninsula. Download here.

Paragliding through Constanza

Paragliding through the treetops above Dominican Republic’s mountainous towns will give you an unparalleled, magical viewpoint, with a Caribbean landscape you will only see in Dominican Republic. Set this as your background and start planning your next adventurous vacation in Dominican Republic. Download here.

Playa Blanca, Azua

Located in Azua, Playa Blanca is one of the most under-the-radar beaches in the country, the pure white sand and sparkling waters welcome photographers for an unbeatable setting. Set this as your background and imagine you’re walking barefoot along the sandy shores of Playa Blanca. Download here.

Los Haitises National Park

Los Haitises National Park is one of the crown jewels of the Dominican Republic’s national park system. Explore the park by boat from Samaná, hike its rainforest to view flora up close, or kayak along its lush mangrove system. Take a moment to admire the beauty and nature of Dominican Republic with this beautiful backdrop. Download here.

Punta Cana

Blessed with one of the Caribbean region’s longest white sand coastlines–a whopping 64 kilometers (40 miles), with sky-reaching coconut palms–Punta Cana is the land of rest and relaxation by the sea. Start planning your next vacation to Punta Cana but in the meantime, you can use this photo as your background. Download here.

Santo Domingo, Alcázar de Colón

The Dominican Republic’s capital city of Santo Domingo is the Caribbean’s largest, boasting a rich history as the first permanent European settlement in the Americas, as well as the most modern and vibrant cityscape. Completed around 1512, Alcázar de Colón is a Gothic and Renaissance style palace which was once the home of Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus, and his wife María de Toledo, relative of King Ferdinand of Spain. Admire the contrast of the old and the new with this backdrop of Santo Domingo. Download here.

Ciudad Colonial, Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo’s most historic neighborhood dates back to the sixteenth century and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set this picture as your background and take a moment to visualize yourself walking along the cobblestone streets lined with historical buildings and pops of color at every turn. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Download here.

Samaná Bridge

Hike across the Bridges to Nowhere and admire one of the most beautiful bays in the Dominican Republic. Set this as your backdrop and visualize yourself witnessing in person this breathtaking view. Download here.

Immerse yourself in Puerto Plata

Victorian-style architecture surrounded by rows of charming restaurants and cafes; Parque Independencia in Puerto Plata will surely brighten the background of your virtual conversation. Download here.

Salto de Baiguate, Jarabacoa

Have your virtual conversation take place in the scenic setting of Salto de Baiguate. Tucked below a deep canyon yet easily reached via a series of wooden steps, visitors flock to this waterfall area for an easy, refreshing swim during the day. Download here.

Snorkeling at Cayo Arena

With the most abundant marine life in the Dominican Republic, Cayo Arena has become a paradise for snorkeling fans. Set this photo as your background to feel like you’re having the underwater adventure of a lifetime. Download here.

Take a virtual day trip to Isla Saona

Located along the eastside of Dominican Republic roughly 1-hour from Punta Cana, Saona Island’s picture-perfect beaches attract more visitors than all of the country’s national parks combined. Isla Saona is a dream tropical escape, where long stretches of brilliant white sand and their giant coconut trees seem to melt into iridescent turquoise waters. Start your tropical escape here.

Hit the Greens in Punta Cana at Corales Golf Course

Renowned for having the most magnificent golf courses in the Caribbean region, and Latin America, the Dominican Republic is the undisputed leader of golf in the tropics. Whether champion or hobby player, when you see this photo of Corales Golf Course as your background, you’ll feel ready to try your hand during your next Dominican vacation. Download here.

Soar Above La Romana

Sculpted entirely of stone, Altos de Chavón —a model 16th century Mediterranean village—sits 300 feet above the Chavón River. Built over a period of six years, the village opened in 1982 with Frank Sinatra performing live at the 5,000-seat Grecian style outdoor amphitheater, where numerous world artists have since performed. Today, the village located in La Romana is a delightful place to tour for its charming medieval feel, its architecture, a plethora of cigar, clothing, and jewelry shops, fine dining, bars, and arts and crafts. Download here.


And with that, let the virtual explorations through Dominican Republic begin. Don’t forget to snap a photo and tag us in your Dominican Republic inspired Zoom meetings so we can follow along!

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