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Miches, a new destination on the east coast of the Dominican Republic

Miches, true to the Dominican Republic’s promise as a destination, offers countless reasons for you to pack up now and let yourself be kissed by the Caribbean sun that, with a big smile, accompanies you from the moment you arrive. Explore its forests, beaches, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, trails, and be anything you want to be in a paradisiacal place that has it all.

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It leaves you with the feeling of “don’t tell anyone, but everyone at the same time”, because you want to treasure each of its corners, and after a while the desire to share them invades you. Few destinations have the magical capacity to provoke as many emotions as this one. Its attractions let you become a Surfer, Cave Explorer, Canyoner, Camper, Canoeist, Paraglider, Hiker and even brings you back to your childhood, swinging on top of a beautiful mountain or jumping on a broom as if you were celebrating the victory of your Quidditch team.

This municipality is part of Santa Cruz del Seibo, one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic, located in the east of the country and the first to cry out for independence. In 1936 the community changed its name from El Jovero to Miches, in honor of Dominican General Eugenio Miches’ patriotism.

Taking in the Caribbean biodiversity in all its splendor is an opportunity that you should not miss. The flora and fauna are a delicious combination for adventure lovers to take advantage of year round, delighting in its beautiful beaches, refreshing rivers and waterfalls, and the warmth of its people.


An absolute delight of alternative tourism prepared with the following ingredients:

Sustainable community tourism

The El Cedro de Miches community shows us the originality of typical life in the Dominican fields, where the visitor can learn about daily activities such as the collection of fruits, coffee, cocoa and citrus. Tasting regional dishes is part of the experience, offered at various ranches such as the Típico Doña Ana, Rancho La Cueva and the Tío Pepe Ecological Ranch.

Cocoa experience

Miches has plenty of cocoa plantations where visitors are offered various ways to learn about the ancestral processes of its cultivation, harvest and preparation of various drinks and desserts from the so-called “fruit of the gods” and a key asset of the country’s export sector, which has made the DR the leading exporter of organic cocoa worldwide.

Camping under the stars

Loma Verde offers a great experience for campers, with breathtaking sights of Laguna Limón, and at night a starry mantle that delights its visitors with special views year round. During the day, the ecological routes and spas in the area complement the excursion.

Montaña Redonda

One of the most famous hills in the country, it makes more than the imagination fly from its swings with views of the coast and the majestic Laguna Redonda. From that point, more than a thousand meters above sea level, paragliding flights, buggy excursions, four-wheel drives and hiking are also available. Other interesting mountains to visit are La Herradura and Los Machetes, where community members carry out organized excursions among crop fields, as well as rivers and streams such as Chavón, Nisibón, Yabón, Seibo, El Cedro, Maguá and Yeguada, the latter flowing into the Atlantic Ocean offering fishing boat and kayak trips.

El Seibo cultural route

Crossing the mountains of the Pedro Sánchez municipal district, you reach Santa Cruz del Seibo, the province’s main municipality where you can make various cultural visits, on routes that connect the Cruz de Asomante, the monument to the Battle of Palo Hincado, the monument of the 1st Cry of Independence, walk through the Manuela Diez Cultural Plaza, monument to Los Toreros, monument to Los Atabales, Juan Sánchez Ramírez or Parque de los Cañones and the monument to Mabí Seibano. The cultural route ends at the Basilica of the Holy Cross, which has the only existing Lignum Crucis in the Caribbean region, a relic of Christianity that is represented by two pieces of the cross where Jesus was crucified and which was donated to the Dominican Republic by the Holy See.

50 kilometers of beaches

From Arena Gorda to El Limón Beach, we find 50 kilometers of virgin coastline, with Jovero/Cocoloco Beach, Miches Beach, El Guaco and the majestic Playa Esmeralda as an enclave of high potential for tourism development and where its largest hotel offering is located.

Media Luna emerges in the middle of the ocean, becoming an excellent spot for those who want to enjoy a bath in the middle of the sea.

Playa Esmeralda, Miches

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Cascades and Waterfalls

Unforgettable routes await you with dazzling cascades like La Jalda. About 120 meters tall, it is crowned as the highest in the Caribbean region. Other stunning cascades and waterfalls include The Cocuyo waterfall in Pedro Sánchez, Salto Grande or Cascada Blanca, El Jobo, Yabón, La Rosa, El Limón, Los Prietos and Los Marrones waterfall, offering paradisiacal settings between mountains and natural trails.

A favorite for nature watchers

Bird watching and humpback whales are other options, the latter from January to March of each year make the coasts of that side of the Atlantic their refuge to mate and birth their calves.

Gastronomic experiences

Foodies and Gourmets experience the unforgettable explosion of flavors resulting from a mixture of cultures; can’t miss dishes include the Dominican Flag, consisting of rice, meat and stewed beans, as well as Fried Fish with Tostones, Pan de Nata, Yaniqueques, Pork Chicharrón, Moro con Chivo, and Mabí Champagne Seibano, a beverage that has refreshed thousands of palates since its creation in 1883, with the same flavor and quality that have characterized it since its inception. It is made from water, sugar and Indian vine, undergoing a secret fermentation process. Sweets such as Chaca, fried dulce de Leche, Coconut dulce and of course Chocolate in multiple presentations, make up the after-dinner meal and leave you craving for more.

To recap, when we talk about Miches, we are talking about one of the many emerging tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic, with important development and infrastructure that will make it one of the most important tourist spots in the eastern part of the country. Just one hour from Bávaro-Punta Cana and 3 hours from Santo Domingo, it is a new option to enjoy, meet, relax with your partner, family and friends, unleashing your passion to explore, paddle, surf, explore trails, contemplate the stars from a summit, fly, swim, camp and anything else your heart desires.

With beautiful and crystal clear waters such as Playa Esmeralda and Playa El Limón, which make its coastal view a spectacle for the eyes, its dazzling hills and mountains where you can swing and feel like one with the sky and clouds, and nature that makes you feel alive, Miches invites you to disconnect from everything and connect with the a real experience.

Don’t forget to tour the famous “Montaña Redonda” hill, which offers experiences such as horseback riding and motorcycle tours of the town, all part of its rural and community integration. Surrender yourself to the charm of Miche’s sun and beaches. Find shards of the Holy Cross where Jesus was crucified at the Basílica Catedral de la Santísima Cruz, located just 30 minutes away. This sanctuary makes El Seibo an important religious tourism destination in the Dominican Republic.

Majestic Salto La Jalda (at over 120 meters, the tallest waterfall in the Caribbean with two strands of fresh, crystal clear water), located in the National Park of the same name, will afford you hundreds of pictures that will pail in comparison to the memories you’ll create in real time, with your own eyes.



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