Why Dominican Republic?

With the Caribbean’s most advanced transportation system, the largest offer of beachfront and city rooms and venues, a rich landscape begging for outdoor activities, an electric cultural scene, and a climate as warm as its people: the Dominican Republic is the ideal working playground.



  1. It’s the best-connected Caribbean destination, boasting eight (8) international airports at key points around the country, receiving hundreds of flights originating worldwide.
  2. Entry regulations are simple–most visitors just need a 30-day tourist card, included in the purchased airfare, plus a passport with a minimum validity of the duration of their stay to enter the country. Learn more about entry requirements here.
  3. Numerous hotel chains and resorts meet international quality standards, and offer an inventory of over 80,000 hotel rooms–the highest in the Caribbean region.
  4. Modern convention centers and meeting rooms are suitable for large, medium, and small events, and come equipped with the latest technology, and specialized staff.
  5. The DR is home to several internationally certified Destination Management Companies (DMC) with local knowledge and experience in planning personalized, memorable professional programs.
  6. All resort areas and cities employ multilingual staff able to assist your attendees, with services in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, and Russian, among other languages.
  7. The DR’s climate is envied for its constant, year-round sunny climate; average temperatures hover between 25°C and 31°C (78°F to 88°F).
  8. The incredible range of scenery and topography results in a wide choice of attractions, from beaches and modern cities to mountains and colonial towns. These are all interconnected by vast, modern highways which also link the DR’s major destinations.
  9. There’s a rich cultural offering, from gastronomy to history, music, and arts and crafts, among other elements unique to the Dominican experience.
  10. Last but not least, the warmth, hospitality, and vibrancy of Dominican people, which often brings visitors back to the DR.

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