Recreation Parks

Locals and visitors enjoy a number of recreational parks around the country, designed to fit around natural surroundings. Punta Cana’s selection is the vastest, ranging from one-stop hiking, ziplining, and sinkhole swimming at Scape Park, to bungee jumping and Segway tours at Bávaro Adventure Park. In Puerto Plata, Ocean World Adventure Park is a hit with the children, who love getting up close with dolphins and seals or splash from the pool slide, while Fun City is for go-kart fun. In Santo Domingo, the waterfront Plaza Juan Barón offers go-karts for kids, and a full children’s playground at Playa Güibia.

Recreation parks are open year round, and are ideal to keep the family entertained in one spot.

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Dominican Republic 

Try one of our multiple recreational parks, ideal for an all-in-one day of adventure of ziplining, hiking, or go-karting, among many options.

Ideal for those seeking adventure without distance, Bávaro Adventure Park offers nature-friendly and sustainable activities such as ziplining, a climbing garden, a Segway circuit, paintball, a bungee trampoline, flight simulators, and a mountain bike track.
Punta Cana
Designed for the whole family in a Pirates-of-the-Caribbean style, this show aboard a private sailing vessel takes you back to the days when buccaneers roamed the seas of the Dominican Republic. A pirate crew produces costumed performances to thrill the young ones.
Punta Cana
Swim with the gentle creatures, shake hands, ride on their bellies, or watch them leap over you. Dolphin Explorer also offers seal and nurse shark encounters, and up to one-hour private swimming and training time with dolphins.
Punta Cana
Located between the beach and coral barrier of Bávaro, Dolphin Island Park takes visitors swimming alongside marine life in the midst of their natural habitat.
Punta Cana
When it’s time for a beach break, head over to Fun City, where you’ll face some fierce competition on one of three go-kart tracks with varying speeds and challenges. Whether adult or child, there’s a ton of fun guaranteed!
Puerto Plata
Manatí Park is a 210-square kilometer (80-square-mile) home to at least 150 tropical species, including birds, reptiles, and mammals, from dolphins to horses.
Punta Cana
Home to squirrel capuchin monkeys, a seven-station zip line, a botanical garden, and an ancient Taino cave you can descend into 18 meters (60 feet) below ground. The monkeys mingle with visitors, posing for photos, and climbing on your shoulders if you choose.
Puerto Plata
Set on five acres in the lush countryside, just outside of Punta Cana, two families of squirrel monkeys greet and charm visitors for up to an hour at a time, posing for cameras and even resting on top of their heads.
Punta Cana
Aside from dolphins, children and adults can enjoy a multitude of marine experiences, from shows with sea lions and nurse sharks to an exotic bird area, and snorkeling in an artificial coral reef aquarium.
Cofresí, Puerto Plata
This water sports park delivers “rad” fun, all around a large, beautiful natural lagoon in downtown Punta Cana. Try wake boarding, fly boarding, paddle boarding, slalom skiing, slack line water, or tubing.
Punta Cana

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