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Taking a cold river dip, near or away from the beach, is part and parcel of DR culture. Locals love to swim in fresh water rivers, cooking along the banks, and resting in the shade. For more adventure, go river rafting in Jarabacoa and feel the rapids as you tumble over mini cascades past a rocky shore. Rent a kayak and glide along the majestic Chavón River, in La Romana, once featured in the movie Apocalypse Now. In the southwest, the rivers of Barahona—easily accessed as they tumble down to meet the sea—are so magnificent for a swim that they are natural attractions, combining food and drinks on site. Lakes are no less impressive—hop on a boat tour of Lago Enriquillo, sitting 30 meters (138 feet) below sea level at the lowest point in the Caribbean, and home to American crocodiles.

Rivers dips are ideal during the summer when temperatures are at their highest, but you can enjoy them year-round, while lakes are ideal for bird spotting.

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Rivers + Lakes in
Dominican Republic

Tumble or swim in rivers, ubiquitous across this mountainous land, particularly across the cool Jarabacoa region, and tour a salty lake home to crocodiles.


Lago Enriquillo

Lago Enriquillo is the largest and deepest lake below sea level in the Caribbean, ideal for wildlife watching and nature exploration. Boat trips along the lake’s waters and onto Isla Cabritos reveal a large population of American crocodiles, and flamingos.

Barahona, Pedernales

Montaña Redonda

One of the most famous hills in the country, it makes more than the imagination fly from its swings with views of the coast and the majestic Laguna Redonda. From that point, more than a thousand meters above sea level, paragliding flights, buggy excursions, four-wheel drives and hiking are also available. Other interesting mountains to visit are La Herradura and Los Machetes, where community members carry out organized excursions among crop fields, as well as rivers and streams such as Chavón, Nisibón, Yabón, Seibo, El Cedro, Maguá and Yeguada, the latter flowing into the Atlantic Ocean offering fishing boat and kayak trips.

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Río Caño Frío

This stunning emerald-colored river doubles as a popular natural swimming pool where it meets the ocean on the western end of Playa Rincón. Residents and visitors love to cool off here, before or after enjoying fresh fish and lobster away from the tourist throngs on the eastern side of the beach.

Las Terrenas, Samaná

Río Chavón

This winding body of water meets the sea on the Altos de Chavón village side, all the way to the Casa de Campo Marina. Speedboat, kayak and canoe excursions are available year round to see and feel the river’s spectacular jungle scenery up close.

Bayahíbe, La Romana


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