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You know that feeling when you are outside and sense clean air. When the sound of nature is both calming and exhilarating. Perhaps the warmth of the people and the sun fuel your soul.

That’s the feeling I get when visiting Puerto Plata.

It is truly one of the many wonders of the Dominican Republic. This region is known for its influential music, great seafood, and beautiful landscape. It is rich in history and culture that influences the rest of the country.

Puerto Plata is what I consider the perfect combination of mountains and beaches. There is no need to compromise here. As a visitor, you get the excitement and tranquility from both the ocean views and luscious vegetations.

I have so many fond memories from this part of the island. My dad is from the Puerto Plata province, therefore I grew up visiting it quite often. This past trip to Puerto Plata was no exception. My experience was marvelous and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to share with you why this region is so special to me.

To start, the place that is the closest to my heart is a very rural town called El Copey, Altamira. This is where my dad is from. A small town with the nicest people ever. It’s located about an hour away from the city of Puerto Plata. If you are coming from Santiago (the second biggest city in the country) it’s at the entrance of the Puerto Plata province.

These days El Copey, Altamira has been highlighted at an international level thanks to the professional baseball player, Bartolo Colón. He is also from Altamira. The baseball player has created a stadium and academy to facilitate training to the children in the community.

As many might know, the Dominican Republic is well known for its baseball players. Therefore, if you are interested in seeing and learning more about the sport’s influence in the country, I would suggest stopping by the stadium. You might be lucky enough to even catch a game.

Another aspect that brings me back to Puerto Plata is the delicious seafood. Parada Maimón immediately comes to mind. I highly recommend eating here while in the region. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have eaten here with my family. Their seafood is so fresh and good! I definitely had to pay a visit this time.

They are known for their fish, but this time I fell in love with their conch. It was really tasty! Make sure to check it out. It is about 10km away from the city of Puerto Plata.
Speaking of deliciousness… Puerto Plata is also home to cocoa production. While in town you can tour one of the communities where cocoa is locally grown. You can even get a chocolate facial. Now that’s something I would get behind of.

Another fun fact about me is that my family has owned a local chocolate factory for over 50 years now. My dad actually grew up working in the family business. No wonder why I have the biggest sweet tooth!

There is no surprise when describing the Dominican Republic its music pops up. You may not know, but the northern region of the island has its own type of merengue. The country has at least three types. This particular one is often referenced as “merengue típico” or “Perico Ripiao.” It’s danced slightly different from traditional merengue and I believe it originated back in the 1800s. It’s true to the northern Dominican culture as it is played everywhere you go. I like it. Give it a listen.

During this trip, I had the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the region. I stayed at Emotions by Hodelpa, an all-inclusive hotel in Playa Dorada. This resort offers great amenities and beautiful ocean views. Check them out.

For scenic strolls and nature indulging adventures, I recommend visiting both the Puerto Plata Malecón and the Teleférico (mountain cable car). These are great day trips for sightseeing, offering tons of history of the region.

f you feel like exploring its surroundings, Sosua, Cabarete and Río San Juan are beautiful areas.
It’s with plenty of reason that Puerto Plata is the birthplace of tourism in the Dominican Republic and dubbed as the Atlantic’s girlfriend. This area is stunning! I hope you get to visit and create memories soon.

Here are the many wonders of Puerto Plata

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