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Picture it now: Your toes slip into the soft white sand overlooking turquoise waters on the coast of Dominican Republic. The sun is setting on another postcard-perfect day in paradise. The only thing that could make this moment more blissful? An ice-cold cocktail made with fresh, local ingredients.

When you belly up to the bar in Dominican Republic, don’t fall back on your standby order. Instead, try an original drink made with ingredients unique to the country.

Can’t make it to Dominican Republic for your dream getaway right now? The following five cocktail recipes will bring the vibrancy of the island right to your taste buds, even in the comfort of your own home. Show us your Dominican Republic cocktail creations by posting to social media and tagging us on social. ¡Salud!


  1. Premium rum.

The Dominican Republic is one of the largest producers of premium rum in the world and home to major brands like Brugal and Barceló. Enjoy rum sampling tours all over the country, or visit the Rum and Tobacco Museum in Santo Domingo’s Colonial City for a history lesson before you imbibe.

To complete the experience, pair your favorite rum with a few puffs from a premium Dominican cigar. Choose from award-winning cigar brands like La Aurora, Romeo y Julieta and La Flor Dominicana.

Recipe: Sip your rum neat or on the rocks to let the flavor shine. Curious about mixers? Try one of the cocktails below and combine your favorite rum with other distinctly Dominican flavors.


  1. Mamajuana.

This iconic Dominican drink is ubiquitous along the beaches, roadsides, souvenir shops and markets throughout the country. Mamajuana is an herbal concoction made with tree bark and spices steeped in rum and red wine. No two recipes are exactly the same—everyone has their own version of the drink.

A word of caution: Be careful when sipping on mamajuana. This potent drink is not for the faint of the heart! The locals also claim it’s an aphrodisiac.

Recipe: To make your own batch of mamajuana, pick up a bag of mamajuana bark in Dominican Republic. It is sold widely across the country. Follow the instructions on the bag and combine the bark with red wine, rum and honey. Once the brew has steeped, you can sip mamajuana straight, or combine it with other flavors to create a uniquely Dominican cocktail.

Pro travel tip: If you are bringing a piece of Dominican Republic home with you and planning to purchase a mamajuana batch kit, to avoid confiscation within customs, pack the bottle in your checked luggage and add liquid to your bottle, rum and wine, as the bottle with only bark could be considered plant/tree matter, as opposed to a liquor.


  1. Passion fruit.

Passion fruit, known locally as chinola, is one of the most distinctive and popular fruits in Dominican Republic. Slice into a piece and it’s easy to see why: This juicy fruit is a little bit sweet and a little bit sour, with an incomparable texture and flavor. Passion fruit is delicious to enjoy on its own, in a dessert or in a cocktail.

Recipe: Try this fruity passion fruit juice punch recipe from Dominican Cooking. Spike your punch with Dominican rum or skip the alcohol for a kid-friendly version. Passion fruit also adds a tasty twist to a classic mojito or margarita.


  1. Tamarind juice.

Tart tamarind fruit is abundant in Dominican Republic, lending a delightfully sour flavor to the country’s cuisine and beverages. Bonus: Tamarind is also rich in antioxidants and aids in digestion.

You can make your own tamarind juice or purchase it at the store. Tamarind juice is also a perfect accompaniment to your favorite cocktail.

Recipe: Try a Tamarind Mojito or a Tamarind Dark and Stormy with your favorite Dominican rum for a cocktail that showcases local flavors. Tamarind also shines in a margarita or paired with your favorite cognac.


  1. Coconut water.

Coconuts are available everywhere in Dominican Republic. One of the best ways to refresh and rehydrate on a hot day is by sipping fresh coconut water on the beach (out of a coconut shell, of course). Want to kick your coconut water up a notch? Just add liquor.

Recipe: Mix up a Coco Loco with coconut cream and Dominican rum for a simple, delectable cocktail. For something classic with a coconut twist, try an herbaceous Coconut Gin and Tonic.


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