10 Dishes You Must Try While in Dominican Republic

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One of the best ways to travel is with your taste buds―especially when visiting Dominican Republic. Here foodies can savor a sweeping variety of unique local flavors, from crispy tostones to fresh-picked tropical fruit. Whether you’re enjoying R&R at a resort or exploring our charming cities, you’re never far from your next amazing meal while in Dominican Republic.

Wondering which foods should be on your must-try list? You can’t go wrong with these 10 Dominican favorites.

1. Mangú

Start your day with the stick-to-your-ribs goodness of mangú. This classic Dominican breakfast is made with dense green plantains that are boiled and mashed, typically served with eggs, fried cheese and fried salami. It’s a hearty breakfast that’s perfect before a long day of adventure, such as hiking and watersports.

2. Tostones

From beachside vendors to fine dining restaurants, you’ll find tostones everywhere in Dominican Republic. These crispy mashed and fried green plantains are like a Dominican take on the French fry—perfect for a side dish or eating on their own.

3. La Bandera Dominicana

When you’re ready to refuel at midday, order a plate of authentic Bandera Dominicana, which means “Dominican flag” in Spanish. This emblematic dish consists of rice, red beans, stewed meat or chicken, salad and tostones, and it’s served all around the country.

4. Sancocho

If sancocho is on the menu, don’t pass it up—this dish is often reserved for special occasions like large family gatherings, rainy days or New Year’s Day. The dense, flavorful stew combines chicken, pork, sausage, beef, goat, cassava, pumpkin, yam, green plantains and potatoes. It typically comes served with rice and avocado.

5. Pescado con Coco

Fresh seafood is an abundant delicacy on the coasts, where fishermen bring in the freshest catches daily. Pescado con coco—coconut fish—is a favorite preparation in Dominican Republic. You’ll frequently find this Afro-Caribbean inspired dish in the northeast of the country in Samaná.

6. Mofongo

Mofongo is another iconic Dominican dish that’s perfect for satisfying a big appetite. It’s made with a mound of plantains mixed with garlic and succulent deep-fried pork. It is served with chicken broth and topped with or with a side of pork, beef or shrimp.

7. Goat

Goat meat (chivo) is common in Dominican Republic’s lush, mountainous central region. It’s usually served stewed and deliciously tender with a rich sauce and boiled cassava, which is a starchy root vegetable or with green pigeon peas rice (moro de guandules or gandules).

8. Passion fruit

Fresh passion fruit, or chinola, is a sweet staple in Dominican Republic. Enjoy this tart fruit on its own by scooping out the gooey pulp and seeds, drink it in a fresh juice, or use it in your favorite cocktail with Dominican rum.

9. Queso de hoja

Soft, creamy queso de hoja is an artisanal cow’s milk cheese made in Dominican Republic. It looks like fresh mozzarella but it has a unique taste and texture, with delicate layers that peel away in sheets. Often times it is eaten with crackers or casabe (a kind of flatbread made from cassava) and sometimes you can find delectable toppings dressed atop this dish, such as cilantro, olive oil and more. It could also be eaten with sweets, such as guava jam.

10. Fresh fruit batidas

Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth on a hot day like a batida (milkshake) made with fresh tropical fruit and evaporated milk. Try one with papaya, mango, zapote or banana. Popular smoothies include guava, pineapple and cereza (Dominican cherry). Beyond batidas, other popular icy treats include fresh fruit juice like passion fruit or tamarind and frío frío—shaved ice topped with flavored syrup.

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