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I had been to the Caribbean before, but it wasn’t until I explored Dominican Republic with the Ministry of Tourism that I realized just how much there was to do in the country.

The week I was able to spend in the Caribbean this October was one of the most adventure-packed weeks I have had all year! If you’re not sure about what there is to do adventure wise in a tropical country or you’re looking for a new vacation spot, then hopefully this blog will give you some ideas and put Dominican Republic on your radar. There are a ton of top things to do in Dominican Republic, but this what I would suggest for adventure lovers.

Day 1
Arrive in Dominican Republic
To start your adventure off on the right foot, you’ll want to arrive in Dominican Republic via the Cibao International Airport in Santiago. Entering here will put you right where you need to be for the start of your trip!

Day 2
Paragliding in Jarabacoa
I have a notable bucket list, and to my surprise, the DR is a hot spot for one of the activities on it!
Paragliding above the Jarabacoa region of Dominican Republic will leave you speechless! For this reason, paragliding is one of the top things to do in the Dominican Republic. You get 360 views of the mountains and jungle below, all while feeling the thrill of flying. Who needs a drone when you have a parachute?

Jimeona Waterfall
Dominican Republic is home to some of the most awe-strikingly beautiful waterfalls. My group and I were able to take a short hike to Jimeona falls and swim in the water. You’ll be awe-struck by the sheer beauty and scale of this place!

Day 3
Rafting the Yaque del Norte
Okay, so I suppose Dominican Republic is home to 2 items on my bucket list. Rafting on the Yaque del Norte is an experience that I will never forget and makes my list for top things to do in Dominican Republic while you’re there. While my group and I stayed on the easier rapids, there is the option for more advanced rapids as well. These beginner ones left me for a whirlwind, though!

Day 4
Hike the Ebano Verde Trail
So you all know I love myself a good hike. The Ebano Verde trail was the perfect mix of jungle and views that I was looking for on this trip! The hike brought my group and I through dense forest and river crossing, making me feel a bit Indiana Jones-ish during the trek. In the end, we were rewarded with some time at a natural swimming hole. I was glad I packed my swimsuit!

Day 5
Sun Bathe on Cayo Arena
If you’ve ever wanted to snorkel and swim in water as clear as gas, then Dominican Republic is the place for you! Punta Rucia and Cayo Arena had some of the bluest water I had ever seen in my life, which made for some fantastic sunrises! I would say Cayo Arena is definitely one of the top things to do in the Dominican Republic for adventure lovers. Getting to spend a day soaking up the sun on this kind of beach partially made me consider throwing my life away to become a forever beach bum.

Again, not such a shabby idea with views like this.

Day 6
Depart Dominican Republic
This is the day you will, unfortunately, be departing Dominican Republic. If you chose, you could always explore Santiago before you leave! I decided to catch up on some much-needed sleep at my hotel.

Hikes, beach, rafting, paragliding and so much more adventure. What else could you want in one trip? Hopefully, this has convinced you to add Dominican Republic to your list of places to see! I’d also like to thank the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism for giving me the opportunity to explore this beautiful country. If you’re looking for more ideas for your DR trip, you can visit the Ministry’s website.

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