Sculpted entirely of stone, Altos de Chavón —a model 16th century Mediterranean village—sits 300 feet above the Chavón River. Built over a period of six years, the village opened in 1982 with Frank Sinatra performing live at the 5,000-seat Grecian style outdoor amphitheater, where numerous world artists have since performed. Today, the village is a delightful place to tour for its charming medieval feel, its architecture, a plethora of cigar, clothing, and jewelry shops, fine dining, bars, and arts and crafts. Its centerpiece, the St. Stanislaus Church, is a popular wedding site in the DR, with its unmatched views over the river. To boot, the Altos de Chavón Archaeological Museum houses one of the most comprehensive collections on indigenous culture in the DR.

The panoramic views over the Chavón River, and over the Dye Fore golf course which it borders on the east side, make Altos de Chavón a perfect photo stop on a journey through La Romana. There’s an entrance fee for non-guests of Casa de Campo, or you can book a tour of the village. At night, the setting becomes even more magical with romantic lighting on the stone plazas and dining verandas overlooking the river.

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Other attractions in La Romana



The scenic fishing town of Bayahíbe is an attraction in and of itself; Bayahíbe retains its Dominican pulse, from its local restaurants and bars to its street side arts and crafts stalls, and fishermen who bring catch daily.

Bayahíbe, La Romana

Bayahíbe Nightlife

Bayahíbe packs a solid punch in nightlife, from sunset beachfront bars to a pulsating dance scene on the weekend. A handful of beachfront bars are popular spots for happy hour, while the local colmado sends merengue and bachata echoes into the village.

Bayahíbe, La Romana

Casa Ponce de León

How often do you get to step into the home of a 16th century Spanish explorer? Juan Ponce de León’s residence continues to stand in the southeastern town of San Rafael de Yuma, close to Higüey, where he lived before heading out into the seas to conquer neighboring Puerto Rico.

La Romana, Punta Cana

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