Recognized as the most beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic, this diamond-white stretch runs a whopping five miles, boasting crystal clear turquoise waters and no hotels, shops, or restaurants. Protected as part of the Jaragua National Park, a spectacular rocky karst landscape hugs this beach all along the coastline. You can reach Bahía de Las Águilas by an all-terrain vehicle, or by boat from the shores of Cabo Rojo. Bring plenty of sun protection for this unshaded piece of paradise.

Bahía de las Águilas, PedernalesBahia De Las AguilasBahia de las Aguilasbahia-de-las-aguilas-76bahia-de-las-aguilasBahia De Las Aguilas
RMP3 Bahía de Las Águilas. PedernalesRMP2 Bahía de Las Águilas. PedernalesRMP1 Bahía de Las Águilas. PedernalesBahía de las Águilas, Pedernales
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Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo remains one of the DR’s most popular beaches, winning visitors over with its captivating coastal views. Its turquoise waters are also home to some of the Caribbean Sea’s best-preserved coral reefs, providing a breeding ground for Antillean Manatees and the juvenile hawksbills.

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Lago Enriquillo

Lago Enriquillo is the largest and deepest lake below sea level in the Caribbean, ideal for wildlife watching and nature exploration. Boat trips along the lake’s waters and onto Isla Cabritos reveal a large population of American crocodiles, and flamingos.

Barahona, Pedernales

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