A dramatic limestone outcrop, El Morro rises 242 meters (794 feet) above sea level, gracing Montecristi’s coastal scenery with one of the most striking, unique views in the country. The dry, subtropical forest landscape around El Morro is surrounded by extensive stands of mangroves that can be seen up close on foot, or by boat through a network of inland waterways and lagoons where you can enjoy a swim. Iguanas, as well as numerous bird species, reside amid the mangroves and forest of El Morro, such as frigatebirds, herons, egrets, the American oystercatcher, and waterfowls, including migratory species. The park entrance is easily accessible from town, less than a ten-minute drive away, and multiple tour companies offer boat excursions around the lagoons and mangroves.

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Bird watching

Some of the best bird watching in the Caribbean can be found in Montecristi. Ornithological enthusiasts can spot boobies, brown pelicans, magnificent frigate birds, wood storks, spoonbills, great egrets, a variety of herons, terns, plovers and willets – you may even catch a glimpse of a flock of flamingos near the shore.

Montecristi, Ecotourism

Cayo Arena

Cayo Arena offers schools of tropical fish that can also easily be seen in shallow turquoise waters, making this spot a paradise for snorkeling fans; the area boasts some of the most abundant marine life in the DR, with corals and sponges, and schools of tropical fish swimming around your feet.

Montecristi, Puerto Plata

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