Set on a mountaintop mesa, Aguas Blancas waterfall–one of the highest altitude cascades in the Caribbean–tumbles 83 meters (272 feet), splattering into a large and cold jade pool hugged by a terrain blanketed in tall pine and green ebony trees. The approximately 10 kilometer (six miles) ride to the falls is an adventurous, fun ascent–an all-terrain vehicle is necessary–through Constanza’s deep woods and hilly villages lined with shacks, climbing past fields of sweet corn, potatoes, and carrots. Footbridges and a wooden platform allow you to observe the falls from a near distance, and you can step down closer to its lower pools. The area is also ideal for bird watching and mountain trekking. Temperatures are low in these parts, particularly in the morning when they fall below zero, and from November through March; beware diving into freezing cold water and risking hypothermia.

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La Vega

Famous for hosting the largest, oldest, and most colorful carnival celebration in the country, and home to the two popular mountain destinations of Jarabacoa and Constanza. But La Vega is also home to one of Columbus’ first gold settlements in the Americas.

Constanza, Jarabacoa

La Vega Vieja

Near Santo Cerro, discover the archeological ruins of the original town Christopher Columbus founded in 1494, classified as a national park. Archaeologists continue to study the excavated foundations of the old city once prosperous between 1505 and 1510.

Constanza, Jarabacoa, La Vega

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