Also known as Parque Nacional del Este, this is one of the most cave riddled and adventure-packed national parks in the DR—understandably one of its most visited—counting more than 500 flora species, 300 types of birds, and including long stretches of diamond white beaches on Saona and Catalina islands, along with their underwater marine life. Visitors can hike the land portion, accessible from Bayahíbe village, to explore a handful of the park’s cave and freshwater springs along marked trails of varying difficulty, or go birdwatching. On the coastline, snorkeling and diving sites are numerous along colorful coral reefs, and steep walls teeming with sea life. On shore, the park’s sparkling beaches, particularly on Saona Island, is the most important turtle-nesting site in the Dominican Republic.

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The scenic fishing town of Bayahíbe is an attraction in and of itself; Bayahíbe retains its Dominican pulse, from its local restaurants and bars to its street side arts and crafts stalls, and fishermen who bring catch daily.

Bayahíbe, La Romana

Boca de Yuma

Boca de Yuma offers a daytime escape to a scenic Dominican fishing village. Boasting panoramic cliff top views, it has often been compared to an Italian seaside town, where restaurants, bars, and shacks line up above the sea. The Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León once had a home in the area.

Punta Cana, Family-Friendly, Iconic Sights

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